ADCO has evaluated the potential scope of work for hoists within it's operations and concluded that there is significant potential in terms of freeing up rig time (4 – 6 rig years per year over 5 years business plan period) and generating cost savings.

ADCO's maturing fields and well stock increases the requirement for re-entry and work-over activities with ~35% of the total well activity, over current business plan period, anticipated to be of this nature. Hoists are capable of performing the majority of this work as well as bringing the additional potential to run completions in new drilled wells thereby allowing early release of the drilling rig. In addition, in Re-entry wells, it can cover the well up to side track level then convential rig can continue the work until the end of the well which will also save the rig time & cost.

Some of the potential applications of Hoists include:-

  • Running scraper, log and completions offline in new drilled wells.

  • Work-over well repairs (well-kill, pulling old completion and running new completion) for single completion as starter.

  • Well preparation for re-entry and sidetrack (retrieve existing completion, abandon existing perforated zone).

  • ESP work-over.

  • Fishing and Milling operation

  • Run tie back liners.

  • Plug and abandon wells.

  • Production testing including coiled tubing stimulation and wire line operations.

  • Spotting and squeezing cement plugs, changing THS and X-mass tree.

  • Casing repair.

  • Run completion into development well.

This paper presents the application of Hoist in ADCO's main fields, business case of using Hoist in next five years with 4 different scenario's, and how it is expected to become a game changer in increasing field development in future. In addition, the new standard to make the hoist unit capable to move in soft sand.

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