One Page Program (OP2) is a creative approach to save environment and time. Using the best available process and practices in our daily activities is one of our aims and core values towards the HSE in ADCO. Therefore, as a valuable step and part of our commitment, we have minimized consumption of papers by initiating OP2. Implementing (OP2) upgrades the responsibilities of Drilling engineer to be in charge of other supportive operations such as; HSE, mud properties, cement slurry properties, direction drilling severities and reservoir rock and fluid properties and its characterization. OP2 eliminates the repetitive work which has direct effect on time saving and maintaining the quality of the program.

ADCO's Business Plan demands high number of wells to be delivered in development Fields for better reservoir sweeping efficiency such as; Infill drilling, injector's patterns and maintenance work-over operations in the end of each year. Also lately, for improving Drilling Division system organization, a life cycle engineer concept has been introduced; where two drilling engineers work back to back and each one is responsible for planning, well engineering and operations execution for every alternate well. Therefore drilling engineer has to maximize his effort and utilize his time efficiently in order to produce multiple drilling programs with excellent quality at the same time.

The (OP2) idea evolved and thought to be useful for the standard wells which have 90 % contribution to the business plan.

This paper will take you through the process and steps in how it was evolved. Also the challenges faced between the field asset teams in formatting & generating the OP2. In addition to that the approval process and signature flow of OP2.

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