This paper is going to present Communication Protocol Management Tool between Rigs in "CAT-A" Wells and the Successful Story to Deliver Sour Gas Project and using Simultaneous Operations Management Tool based on a new concept and the respective qualification program run in the Field.

CAT-A; CATEGORY-A is the high risky wells, gas wells, and exploration wells has high content of H2S and CO2 We should think about Communication Protocol in SIMOPS terms of "Sharing Information Maximizes Our Personnel Safety". With this stated, a plan can be created by following a process outlined as: Communication Protocol - Study the project, Identify possible SIMOPS, Meet with all Parties Involved, Organize a Plan, and Share the plan/Information. This practice should begin at project inception and is repeated throughout the entire process until completion. Thus making the SIMOPS plan dynamic and causes communication between all parties.

This Communication Protocol I in SIMOPS plan will be applicable from spud in Rigs operation and all persons likely to be working within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) during the drilling of the H2S bearing formations must be made aware of this plan and establish a means of communication with Field Control room prior to entering the zone.

Based on this approach, we implemented a Communication Protocol in SIMOPS plan in one of Sour Gas Field where the Rigs needed to operate inside the emergency planning Zone (EPZ) of the third one of other project. This is one of the biggest challenges in Sour Gas Field project due to high risk encountered with high exposure of H2S up to 26% PPM and 10% CO2 in one of High Gas Reservoir Field. There were numerous challenges in terms of the harsh sour gas environment.

The implementation of this particular Communication Protocol in Simultaneous Operations was very successful, several large scale exercise were made to verify the effectiveness of the process and an evacuation of the EPZ was done before entering the H2S successfully, this project and the other Rigs within the EPZ area completed the drilling and production testing operation objectives without incident and successfully with no harm.

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