Today, even relatively basic drilling operations generate substantial amounts of real-time data, both at surface and downhole, all paid for by the Operator. This data can stagnate as a commodity, archived in a database or a drawer. Or it can be transformed into an asset enabling optimized well delivery through immediate, informed, collaborative decision-making. This transformation from data object to value-adding asset is made by intelligent use of real-time data management that drives ergonomic data display - the right data to the right people at the right time - applied automated data analysis and monitoring by exception, and correlative and predictive techniques comparing real-time with planned, historical and ‘what-if’ data. Such sophisticated data management only becomes truly and consistently effective when governed by industry-accepted standards, provided in a vendor-neutral manner that makes the raw data source irrelevant.

This paper describes the ongoing evolution of an independent real-time data management infrastructure, service and solution. This includes acquisition-to-application dataflow, all wholly within industry standards, powering a variety of data management and monitoring modules optimizing various well operations. Real world examples highlight how such solutions support the performance of wellbore construction teams to achieve their key goal: to deliver wells safely, quickly, accurately, consistently and cost-effectively.

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