The availability and accessibility of an organized and comprehensive set of business specific information is paramount to the success of any organization. However, as businesses grow, change directions, acquire new companies, or merge multiple units, it is easy for this valuable information to become disjointed, segmented, or difficult to find.

In order for the right information to be available to the right people at the right time, innovative methods of capturing and storing this information must be developed and these systems must have the scalability to grow and morph at the same pace as the business.

This paper will present the development of a new global drilling performance database system to integrate the legacy drilling performance information captured and stored by three different drilling-related business units (drill bits, coring systems, and drilling tools). A multi-disciplinary project team including field operations representatives from each business unit along with a group of IT project managers, analysts, and software developers was assembled to design the new system to ensure it would meet the needs of each business unit and also to make certain that the system would have the necessary flexibility to expand and evolve with the company as required.

Innovative methods and best IT practices were employed in the development of the system, guaranteeing the availability of the key field performance information for each product type to the global user group from each business unit. Additionally, the organization of information in the new system is such that all of the product performance data related to a single drilling process is stored together, increasing the visibility of the performance of the full range of product offerings to the global user group to better enable more holistic drilling solutions. Case studies demonstrating the value-added to the users of the new system will be presented.

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