A new portfolio of remotely operated casing running and casing drilling tools that connect to the rig's top drive and use the top drive's rotational power, hoisting and circulation capabilities for improved casing running operations. The value is increased safety and efficiency compared to conventional running operations, plus the ability to instantly push down or reciprocate while rotating and circulating, helping to get strings to bottom.

Applications include normal casing installation in pre-drilled wells on most rigs with a top drive system, and extended reach, deviated, and troublesome wells. Additional application includes casing drilling technology where the entire well bore can be drilled with the casing string; eliminating the need for drill pipe and bottom hole assemblies.

The new system combines several conventional casing handling tools into one:

  • Power Tong

  • Main Hoisting Elevator

  • Single Joint Elevator

  • Fill-up and Circulation Tool

  • Weight Compensator

  • Link Tilt (Stabber)

  • Safety Interlock System

  • Torque turn monitoring

Lab and field test results have proven that the new technology provides:

  • Greater casing running efficiency

  • Increased safety by reduction of personnel and remote operation.

Step change in technology will allow oil & gas operators to increase drilling performance and reduce well construction costs.

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