KPC challenges was and still to maintain the lower cost per foot in western desert of "Egypt" using a competitive solutions and designs to overcome increase of drilling materials & services costs in structures with low productive reservoirs.

This wasdone through customizing the following parameters:

  • Using slick BHA rather than stiff BHA which improved rate of penetration for western desert's formations (Doubling ROP) associated with good Hole trajectory.

  • Improving casing design to minimize number of casing strings, exposing long (Stable) open hole sections while drilling.

  • Reviewing & enhancing drilling mud systems to maintain good hole stability through long deep open hole sections (+/- 11000 FT exposed section).

  • Optimizing bits usage to be compatible with drilled formations.

  • Reviewing cement designs to cover low fractured formations, using low cost high quality cement to overcome gas migration by optimizing transition time.

  • Optimizing rigs fleet and maximizing rigs utilization to perform drilling & workover wells effectively & safely.

  • The use of slim hole design.

In this domain, KPC presents its experience in reducing the cost per foot. KPC's obtained cost/ft was proven to be the lowest cost all over Egyptian westetrn desert compared to sister companies in same area, wherever, the wells below 8200 ft have an average of 50 US$ versus 60 US$, wells between 8200 ft and 13100 ft achieved 140 US$/ft versus 175 US$, wells more than 13100 ft achieved 185 us$/ft versus 265 us$/ft.

It is concluded that, it is not necessary to depend only on the new technology for achieving lower drilling cost per foot, but it is as well as important to adapt the drilling techniques to desired requirements.

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