A revolutionary intervention technique has emerged allowing mechanical manipulation in horizontal wells in combination with field proven Well Tractor® technology.

As Well Tractor® technology has evolved and confidence has increased in the technology during the last few years, the application of a cost-effective method for opening (and closing) of specific down hole hardware (i.e. valves) as an alternative to existing technologies has emerged. The technology is particularily applicable on offshore installations where the logistical limitations are a major consideration. This article will describe the subsequent applications and the process of developing the technology further.

Tractoring eliminates the constraints of traditional wireline operations by extending the reach of the wireline into the horizontal part of the well and thereby allowing operations to be conducted over the entire length of the wellbore and, if necessary, in a rig-less environment. Additional benefits gained are the elimination of mobilizing heavy equipment, which in turn reduces the number of personnel required to run the operation but most significantly reduces the operational exposure to related safety risks. Furthermore, the equipment required is logistically easier to handle and rig-up time is considerably reduced compared to alternative technologies while providing value-creating solutions.

This paper will present the benefits of wireline interventions, particularly in deviated and horizontal wells, the tractoring solution and case histories exemplifying the advantages of this technology.

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