Successful implementation of solid expandable tubular technology provides a viable example of how reservoir management, petroleum engineering, drilling and technology work in harmony to achieve the ultimate goal—high rate of internal return and expeditious payback. Slimming big-foot wells while minimizing the tapering effect of casing profiles is one of the most cost-effective and technically challenging objectives in modern well designs; this has become safely possible in candidate wells with solid expandable tubular systems.

The technology involves downhole cold-working of steel pipe by expanding the diameter beyond its elastic limits to the permanent plastic deformation region. Studies on hoop-stress resilience during expansion, as well as the mechanical and chemical properties of post expanded pipe promoted the technology for field applications.

The ability to expand casing in situ enables hole size maintenance and conservation of internal casing diameter for increased completion and production efficiency. Smart deployments of solid expandable systems to deliver larger production/injection hole diameters have enabled their use as conduits for surface-controlled selective production/interval isolation devices. This feature has enabled geo-steered laterals to be drilled for extended departures, exposing maximum possible surface area of the reservoir for optimum drainage. Drastic improvements of power water injection placement and reliable zonal isolation as an outcome of smart deployment of this technology have resulted in maximizing efficiency of water-flood and other secondary recovery techniques.

This paper analyzes the value propositions of integrating solid expandable tubular technology in candidate wellbore construction designs. It also addresses the effects of improved reservoir architecture on long-term production profiles and analyzes the positive environmental impact of the technology with parallel focus on techno-economic feasibility and constraints.

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