Within the Saudi Aramco organization, complex reservoir formation evaluation is regarded as a key discipline – fulfilling a critical role in maximizing production and facilitating accurate estimation of reserves. The timely acquisition of high quality and detailed petrophysical properties of the various reservoirs in Saudi Arabia is central to this role. Towards this end, Saudi Aramco Reservoir Description Division (RDD) introduced a new-generation multi-functional Logging While Drilling (LWD) technology into Saudi Arabia, for evaluation of on-shore complex carbonate as well as offshore clastic reservoirs.

The traditional LWD measurements of propagation resistivity, gamma ray, density and neutron porosity along with advanced gamma ray capture spectroscopy measurements were compacted into a single collar. The electronic pulsed neutron source required for the spectroscopy measurements also provides a much improved neutron porosity measurement.

This technology has been used in a number of Saudi Aramco horizontal wells in carbonate and clastic reservoirs. The data from these wells has been comprehensively evaluated. The results of the evaluation of the data acquired by the new tool and conclusions about the tool's introduction into Saudi Arabia are summarized in this paper.

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