The number of old wells completed with uphole packers showed a dramatic increase in casing leaks. The leaks were dumping aquifer fluid directly to the reservoir and vice versa. Many wells experienced this kind of problem.

The conventional practice to isolate these kinds of leaks was to run and cement a scab off liner. This resulted in running smaller production strings and consequently resulted in a dramatically reduction in the production rate and choking wells with high pressure it also limits future remedial workovers of developed future leaks.

Saudi Aramco launched a campaign to recover and salvage wells that had been affected by severe casing leaks and hot spot corroded sections. The solid expandable liner was introduced in two sizes of casing. Introduction and usage of this new technical application will have a maximum ID after setting the solid expandable to run the maximum tubing size, to achieve the highest production rate.

This paper will describe the successful application of this technology and its comparative advantages, including reduced cost and salvaging wells without the need to sidetrack as had been done before. The paper also includes some review of recently applied casing repair results in several wells.

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