This paper documents an 18-month expandable technology research and development effort that has culminated in a system that enables a new approach to reservoir architecture.

The drive for maximum well productivity compels oil and gas companies to consider openhole completion strategies. However, historical uptake has been impeded by inability to achieve effective zonal isolation. The Expandable Reservoir Completion [ERC] combines slotted and solid expandable technology and features a return to conventional unexpanded premium connections to deliver a freely configurable reservoir completion architecture, offering a combination of openhole production performance and cased hole functionality.

Fundamental to the new Expandable Reservoir Completion is a unique, selective rotary compliant expansion technique, which is used to clad the formation wall with expandable screens, slotted liner or solid tubulars with sealing units. This technique facilitates unparalleled flexibility in reservoir design by allowing sections of conventional casing to remain unexpanded between zones. This enables integration with conventional flow control and intelligent completion equipment, ultimately permitting selective isolation & production control.

This paper outlines detailed test data generated by the development program, which included three downhole field trial installations. In addition to this, information from the first global commercial installations will be presented, from pre-job planning through to post installation performance review.

The Expandable Reservoir Completion builds upon existing expandable sand screen and solid expandable technologies to deliver a combination of productivity and functionality previously unavailable to the petroleum industry.

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