The relatively conservative behaviour in the drilling industry with respect to implementation of new technology will not survive any longer. More and more difficult formations, extended reach drilling, extreme environmental conditions on the rig locations and increasingly smaller reservoirs need to be explored and are just calling for combined efforts of all parties involved in the drilling process. Experience and application of state of the art technology is the correct answer.

Whereas on Offshore installations, usually gaining higher day-rates, sophisticated technology has been widely accepted already, on movable land rigs it is very often just the opposite. Drilling contractors might not care as they are paid by dayrate. However, if the bore-hole quality is bad, down time has to be faced which is paid on lower rates if at all. Operators will just win since well quality and drilling performance improves. Offshore technology and safety standards will step by step find their way onto land drilling rigs.

The drill bit, pushed downwards by heavy weight drill pipes, is rotated either via Top Drive or via Rotary Table, high pressure mud powers the downhole motors, carries the cuttings upwards and cools the bit down. Simple!

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