The measurement of Annular Pressure-While-Drilling (APWD) is widely used as a vital tool today; however, measurement of pressure while running the casing or liner is not available. This paper presents field data demonstrating the use of a real-time, downhole pressure modelling software to provide vital downhole hydraulics. This software was used recently on two critical North Sea wells to ensure that drilling and running of casing and liner could be done within safe margins under a narrow fracture/pore-pressure condition. The description of the hardware set-up and real-time parameters used and its communication with the central, data-logging computer are also included.

In order to verify the accuracy of the software, the computed pressure data was compared with that measured by APWD while tripping in and out of both wells. The measured data during tripping was recovered from the tool memory after the trip. Results demonstrated the close correlation between the calculated and measured data that was observed prior to running casing/liner. This gave the rig crew confidence to rely on the hydraulics information given by the software when running the liner. The software was then used to guide the casing crew to run the liner successfully.

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