In the past, solid expandable casing technology has often been successfully used as a contingency measure to minimize the loss of hole size while dealing with drilling problems. Other applications, such as overall reduction of casing string sizes and numbers, sidetrack applications, and production conformance applications have been slower to attract interest, even though they are all technically viable and economic.

This paper will investigate the process for successfully integrating solid expandable tubulars into all aspects of the well construction program. Preparing the hole section for the installation of the solid expandables will be discussed. Drilling, completion, and production operations through expanded tubulars will also be reviewed.

The process of planning solid expandable projects from conception through well design will be investigated, focusing specifically on the ancillary technologies in the drilling, completion, and production phases. When all aspects of the well construction are optimized, the greatest economic value of solid expandables is achieved at the minimum operational risk.

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