After the liberation of Kuwait, a large number of wells were blown up by the Iraqi troops, and some needed to be worked over before re-producing them. Around 100 wells were intact and were put back on production shortly after the liberation. Those wells are originally 40 to 50 years old, and the wellhead equipment on those wells were not changed or reconfigured with the current API standards until this date. Workover operations were delayed due to several issues concerning the wellheads. A project was assigned by KOC management in 2002 to inspect those wellheads and submit a report with the current status of the equipment, problems, and solutions.

As a result of a full research made on those intact wells, the wells were segregated into 4 categories depending on the integrity and operational issues of the wellhead equipment. It was decided that some of those wellheads would only be reconfigured using a combination of the old and new equipment. Others will require total wellhead replacement.

This paper will discuss results and recommendations on the report submitted. It will cover the integrity issues of old wellheads concerning safety, control, and effect of time on the equipment. It will also cover the operational issues on those wellheads that prevented safe and controlled workover operations. Improved technology was the ultimate solution, and a detailed comparison between the old and the new types of wellheads will be discussed in the paper.

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