In 1999, Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO) obtained ISO 14001 certification for all its production and service operations. PDO was the first major E&P oil company in the Middle East to achieve the ISO 14001 certification. The certification process helped PDO to develop a culture of environmental awareness at all level, which has started providing positive returns in environmental performance. In addition, the certification re-inforced PDOs already high reputation in the country as a environmentally responsible operator. After the certification, PDO was seen as a pioneer both at local and regional scale, with peer companies consulting PDO on achieving higher standards in environmental management.


Two years and three surveillance audits later, PDO is in a position to reflect on the benefits of ISO 14001 to the company both in terms of hard environmental performance and general environmental management. The ISO-14001 has been instrumental in building an environmental awareness culture in the company. Environmental issues received highest management attention during the course of the ISO certification and this is continuing. The network of ISO 14001 focal points distributed throughout the company continues to be active in enhancing the environmental awareness in the company at all levels.

In line with ISO-14001, the company Policy and Strategic Objectives committed itself to meet or exceed all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. In the past two years, PDO never had any incidence of government action or fines for violation of environmental laws. Environmental monitoring, recording and operational control has become integral to the business and external verification process has found PDOs data gathering system to be robust. Specific performance improvements have been achieved in emission of green house gases, phase out halons and CFCs. To close the loop, planning and review of environmental performances is carried on regularly basis and non-conformances to the environmental management system are proactively identified and corrective action initiated. Finally, environmental awareness and training has become an integral part of competence development.

In view of the excellent environmental performance achieved in 2000, PDO was awarded the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) prize for the Best Industrial Organization to Comply with Environmental Standards, which is again a tangible return on our investment in time and resources to manage our environmental issues systematically.

Maintaining ISO-14001 certification

Compliance with environmental significant aspects, including legal compliance focus on the following elements of the ISO-14001 compliance protocol:

  • Leadership and commitment.

  • Organization and responsibilities.

  • Manpower resources and competence assurance

  • Hazard and effects management.

  • Legal and other requirements.

  • Operational control.

  • HSE management of contracts.

  • Monitoring.

  • Communication and reporting.

  • Incidents non-compliance's and corrective action.

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