Drilling and completing wells quite often encounter unexpected events during routine operations. Troubles occur that many times are easy to resolve while other times are more difficult and can completely turn the plan upside-down. Adapting the course of action to still meet well objectives involves many factors and individuals, incorporating innovative techniques and new technologies without compromising safety or environmental implications. This paper will discuss four case histories, which are examples of how well completion programs were modified due to unexpected events in order to salvage the well's production potential. Coordinated teamwork between drilling, production, reservoir, and geoscience personnel to establish a revised plan in a timely manner, responding to operation/reservoir complications, is the key to success. Some of these creative alternatives were derived based upon specific well characteristics and are uncommon in normal operations. However, by sharing these techniques, others may be able to benefit from GUPCO's key learning's and respond to complications in their own operations.


Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company is considered one of the biggest oil production companies in Middle East. More than 1100 wells were drilled since 1964, the major drilling jobs were in the area of Gulf of Suez (950 offshore wells), and the rest of these jobs were in Western Desert, Nile Delta and Mediterranean Sea. Since 1967 a lot of rig and rig-less well repairs were performed in both offshore and onshore wells (±?1600 job), (Fig. 1) shows the rig and rig-less activity which has been done since 1964. Many jobs were properly performed through its planned schedule but others were not. Unexpected repair problems, both rig and rig-less were encountered causing a change in scope, delay in time and over budget job costs. Four repair jobs were taken as examples to show how unexpected problems can be overcome through innovative solutions successfully performed for the first time anywhere in the world. The success of these jobs helped overcome the problems while still meeting job objectives.

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