The Worlds’ first successful installation of a newly developed Thru Restriction Expandable Internal Casing Patch (TRECP) system has been completed in the North Sea in Texaco's’ Captain Field. This TRECP system uses expandable liner technology to provide a hydrostatic seal for casing connectors, couplings and perforations. The system incorporates a corrugated liner capable of being run through a restriction and then smoothed out to a larger diameter in the casing or riser, using a cone and a hydraulically expanded collet. As a result, the overall process of creating the sealed area is simplified and the associated risk minimised. The TRECP was used successfully to isolate a leak in the squinch connector due to an ‘O’ ring failure.

In this paper, the authors will discuss the development and testing of the Thru Restriction Expandable Casing Patch and present an engineering explanation and operational description of the system. They will outline the original requirement for the TRECP, how the system was installed and operated, including the difficulties encountered, how wear on the TRECP was addressed, and how lessons learned from the first installation are being applied to improve the performance and process in future applications. The authors will also explain how the service company and operators worked together to finance this TRECP system such that it could be proven in a low cost, low risk environment prior to application in very high cost, high risk, environments.

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