The optimized selection of bits and mud type during any drilling operation improves significantly the drilling efficiency presented in high rates of penetration consequently less cost per meter.

Hydraulics play also great part in optimization cycle by enhancing the ratio of the pressure loss across the bit nozzles to the circulating pressure., Utilizing bit hydraulic horsepower or jet impact force criteria which improving considerably the rate of penetration, due to the continuos cleaning below and through the bit cones.

Geosteering drilling is considered as one of the optimizing tools that recently introduced to drilling operations, where it affected positively Petrobel horizontal drilling learning curve performance.

This paper present a case study for group of horizontal wells drilled by Petrobel through last two years, summaries the good drilling performance achieved and analyzing difficulties encountered and describing implementation process of the lessons learned from old wells in planning recent ones.

As a result of that, the cost per meter was decreased by about 50% in last two years, and average penetration rate was nearly doubled, moreover, the production rate increased approximately 10 times more each well.

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