Currently, horizontal wells in Saudi Aramco have been designed to improve recovery efficiency, to increase reservoir drainage area and to delay gas and water coning. Data transmission has utilized INSITE™ (Integrated System for Information and Technology Engineering) system to transmit real time drilling and well log data during the drilling of multi-lateral horizontal wells. Simply, the system transmits real time engineering data (Inclination, Azimuth, Depths and Well log) from the field to the desktop computer at the office.

The real time data transmition system enabled office staff to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Geo-steer the wellbore trajectory to the target reservoir

  • Avoid reservoir faults and compartments in unknown areas

  • Maximize wellbore length with a multi-lateral completion

  • Save rig time by enhancing decision-making capability

This paper presents a case study of INSITE™ in difficult environments. The results show that this well was drilled in challenging environments and completed successfully as a multi-lateral producer. The results are discussed and recommendations made to improve the system for future applications.

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