Increase the Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) run life is the main goal of any operator company specially in offshore fields where the expense of ESP replacement, including workover costs and deferred production are high. Early ESP failure in harsh fields has led to look for reliable system in each of ESP parts including the Motor Lead Extension (MLE).

Encapsulated MLE has been developed in the last 3 years and has proven to extend the run life over the stander MLE. The successful results had led the operators to ask to develop the encapsulated MLE to be deployed in Dual ESP completion. The lower ESP in Dual completion requires a total of 350-400 ft of encapsulated MLE where the existing one is only 185 ft from the Motor to the packer.

Increasing the length to double comes with many of engineering constrains and other factors in manufacturing process and handling for such a long metal tubes which require a lot of research and development.

Eventually, all those challenges have been resolved and overcome and product is ready for installation very soon.

Also, installation procedure has been developed to insure safe handling and address all the risks. utilizing the encapsulated MLE in dual ESP completion in both upper and Lowe system will result in substantial cost saving and double the benefit from the dual ESP system specially in harsh offshore wells.

This paper demonstrates in detail the development of the MLE, seal and motor in different phases to improve the sealing design. In addition to the manufacturing process and testing before release the product to field along with the installation, and handling procedure in a dual ESP system.

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