Tatweer Petroleum has faced challenges in production caused by high backpressure against beam pump wells that are producing from low pressure and weak inflow reservoirs in the Bahrain Field. To overcome these challenges, different projects have been conducted, depending on the main source of backpressure. Therefore, this paper will describe the significant positive impact on production and pump efficiency by handling backpressure issues on wells and/or group of wells with long oil flow-lines.

Beam pumping is a method of oil production that has been used for more than 100 years in a vast variety of oil fields due to its simple operations. Its usage increases in pressure-depleted reservoirs due to the pumps’ ability to maximize drawdown; hence production. Nevertheless, even after 100 years, production engineering challenges persist in dealing with issues such as backpressure. Complexity is also added when operating beam pumps in low reservoir-pressure, or highly-fractured and tight carbonate reservoirs. It was identified that in long flow lines subsequent gas and liquid slugs are formed due to slow flow, low pressure and gravitational segregation. The slug formation is enhanced with variable elevation of different flow-line sections. In order to move slugs through the flow lines, more energy is required, thus line pressure increases. Movement of fluids according to the project is enabled by high pressure gas injected in the line on cyclic basis in very short time. This way wells are not under high pressure during injection and on the other hand flow line is purged and all slugs are removed so most of the time backpressure is low.

The main objective of the project was achieved by adding gas injection at the satellite manifold, consisting of multiple wells. This can also be achieved by adding well producing with intermittent gas lift, stop-cock or plunger lift. Introducing high-pressure gas intermittently, downstream the wellhead or remote satellite manifold would purge all the slugs and instantly drop the line pressure to the minimum. Implementing this project oil production was increased twice and made more stable.

Regarding wells equipped with Beam Pumps, seldom was challenged problem with backpressure of the facilities or flow assurance, assuming by default that pump would overcome any of possible issues. This paper discusses and proposes solution of overcoming backpressure from facilities as a key factor to produce optimally.

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