In today's world of increased automation and large data, Geographical Information Systems ("GIS") technology has been proven to be a useful component in the oil industry. Through the integration of GIS with critical production engineering and oil wells operations, a prime example of such uses have been realised at Tatweer Petroleum ("Tatweer"). Real-time data streaming from the Bahrain Field ("Bahrain Field" or "Field") has been integrated with GIS to deliver an advanced insight into the production environment leading to profound improvements in control and operation.

The GIS, Information Technology, and the Production Engineering teams at Tatweer collaborated to develop a unique application to highlight operations awareness of critical operational events using real-time streaming data imposed on a spatial map.Surveillance and Control of Operation Production Environment ("SCOPE") is a pilot application covering specific traits related to Tatweer's producing wells which focuses on seven traits - (alarms for events such as High Flowline Pressure, Dead Wells, Shut-ins, Transmitters Errors, etc.)

SCOPE is an application that was developed by using available tools by focusing on integrating and complementing existing applications and data sources. SCOPE is developed using GIS and real-time data management software which replicates the Bahrain field information on SCOPE within one (1) minute, focusing at well level as Iconics stop at facilities (i.e. Tank Battery/ Well Manifold) and obtaining data from different sources to one dashboard screen. Anomalies can be detected as cluster events, analyzing data to indicate post-events and pre-event and provides a decision tool to acknowledge and take action for particular problematic wells, and measures their efficiency (Key Performance Indicators).

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