A continuous process improvement programme was undertaken to further enhance electric submersible pump runlife in Egypt. Certain improvements had previously been achieved. However the process improvement team noted that suppliers systems did not remain consistent and that an ongoing effort for improvement must be achieved. This paper presents the audit teams efforts to implement a system for continual process improvement. This system that has been put in place will yield ongoing ESP runlife improvement.

The initial step of the process calls for a detailed system review. This required a team of 4-6 experienced auditors broken into working teams. Each of the suppliers processes are carefully audited in detail. From this effort, a detailed list of findings is developed that leads to a corrective action plan. The corrective action plan requires routine feedback (typically monthly) on goal achievement.

The process calls for setting goals, verification of goals and ongoing corrective action plans. Where warranted, these process improvements will be pushed deeper into the supplier's organization to ensure that these improvements are maintained on an ongoing basis. The method for completing this process is through a detailed auditing system. Through the auditing process, significant improvements have been achieved that have led to ESP runlife improvement.

EGPC, Khalda Petroleum and Artificial Lift Solutions have developed a unique process for auditing and ensuring process improvement.

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