Cybersecurity is a fundamental element in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) due intercoupling of the safety, and the integrity of the Intelligent Field Operation Technology (IFOT) systems infrastructure in both the plant/fields system layers and the enterprise system layer. The rapid evolution from proprietary to open standards-based solutions has introduced major challenges in the cybersecurity domain. Intelligent Filed (IF) special purpose hardware and software is now increasingly moving to a common platform and from isolation to interconnection with the Enterprise networks and systems; resulting in seamless IFOT data flow. This evolution has resulted in growing and previously unforeseen cybersecurity threats. Therefore, a closer look is required to ensure cybersecurity is embedded into existing systems and is an integral part of workflows, policies, and the skillsets of the workforce.

In this paper, the authors share a critical review for the IFOT cybersecurity risk, available solutions, and the systematic approach in weaving cyber-protection into the end-to-end system. The outcomes result in actual enhancements by considering cybersecurity as an integral part of the overall IFOT. Best practice and guidelines improvements are also highlighted.

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