Bhagyam field is a shallow onshore field in Northwest India. The field development includes 150 production wells with 40 plus injection wells. The crude is sweet & light oil (27 Deg API) with 30 % wax content and a varied viscosity from range 50-450 cP. The Wax appearance temperature is ~ 2° C lower than the reservoir temperature of 53° C which impacts the completion design and affects the flow assurance of the field.

In recent times, the field production has been impacted by frequent work-overs in the field. The run life of the PCP systems, which was impacted by tubing punctures that arose from substantial rod-tubing contact loads, had reduced drastically from ~ 500 days to 259 days. The objective of this paper is first to analyze the drastic reduction in the run life of the Bhagyam PCP systems and then provide design changes which when implemented increased the run life of the PCP system.

The paper describes the measures taken and the design changes made to limit the system failure due to failed tubing and increase the run life of the system back to 500 days and will allow the readers to understand, in detail, the various types of problems that were encountered in operating PCP wells, the methods that were used to analyse the PCP failures, and new completion design that help to alleviate the problems to significantly improve the Bhagyam PCP run-life.

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