This paper presents the first ever successful Sliding Sleeve Door (SSD) Jet Pump application in Ghauri oil field located in Jhelum, Pakistan. Ghauri is a single completed well flowed with 22 API gravity from the Sakessar Formation. Because the well is a solution gas drive reservoir, the initial production rate declined quickly. The use of jet pump was motivated by the need to revive the well without a work-over.

Based on initial testing data, jet pump was selected as a preferred artificial lift method. SSD was installed as a part of initial completion. The downhole jet pump was designed per the SSD dimensions. The pump was operated to enhance/ restore the production of well. During operations, real-time monitoring was conducted to optimize the parameters of the pump, such as the nozzle/throat combination or horsepower. In addition, the life of the jet pump was calculated in relation to the economic limits of the production.

Based on the results, the jet pump was found to be the most economical and cost-effective artificial-lift method for Ghauri. SSD jet pump deployment achieved the expected performance and reliability. It has allowed the operator to save the cost of a workover. The cumulative production with jet lift is twice the cumulative production using natural energy. When the well production declined, the jet pump was easily re-optimized by using slickline to pull the pump and change the nozzle and/or throat. The rest of the pump was unchanged to keep the CAPEX at low. In addition, further production of 200,000 BBLS is expected through the jet pump.

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