When we think optimization, technology does matter! To regain closed well and producing recoverable oil from the remaining reserve in the well, a re-entry approach is the solution. 5inch casing with nominal Drift ID 4.283inch and deviation of 30° provides limitation for the artificial lift techniques which shall fit the application and to be run, Real challenge is to apply ESP for such case

Applying technology innovative solution of 3.19inch ESP as the first slim line ESP in Middle East resolved the challenge

Complete ESP string first time installed in Egypt, consists of 3.19" (Motor, Protector, Advanced Gas Handler and Pumps) with flat power cable in the deviated 5" casing successfully run in hole with no operational difficulties and achieved target production

This method proves technical and economic benefits in comparison with drilling of new wells due to lower costs for drilling and ability of using the existing communication, collection and transportation system of oil and gas in the field. Also the contingency for losing the well while drilling when the drilling string get stacked, a side track will be the solution but due to the Diameter of side track wells do not allow operation of ESP systems with conventional diameter,

Currently we have this facility thanks to the new slim line ESP system introduced to the market for several series 3.19inch - 2.72inch and 2.17inch series

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