This paper provides a unique overview of All Metal PCP achievements in several thermal applications (Steam Flood, CSS, SAG) and non-thermal applications. It presents technology updates over 8 years of successful regular implementation worldwide after more than 600 pumps deployed worldwide.

High temperature PCP package includes a patented All Metal Progressing Cavity Pump (AMPCP) installed downhole made with a metallic stator; and at surface a high temperature drivehead coming with a high temperature no-leak seal and a high temperature blow out preventer.

Thanks to the follow up of the technology and whenever possible, the paper will depict some interesting track records and benefits in the following conditions:

  • Cyclic Steam Stimulation, Cyclic stimulation with Sand

  • Steam Flood

  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage

  • Cold Heavy Oil Production with high GOR wells and aggressive oil

When tracking is available and by using a dedicated PCP software Field Track, experience has shown that the records of all operational data with regular updates bring significant added value to support the performance improvements. Furthermore, In addition to the tracking, specific failure analysis, when completed (using boroscope, pump test, destructive analysis), bring key information in order to better understand root causes of failures and modify or upgrade the technology and practices to push the limits of the AMPCP system.

The full chain of value is vertically integrated, from concept to design, manufacturing, service, optimization and return of experience to innovation.

Some key statistics have been analysed for this paper, through the wide population installed also the recorded maximum (Setting depth, hole hangle, max runlife, H2S, CO2, sand, T°, MTBF), and are presented here.

Improvements made along the years in terms of innovation, manufacturing, design, completion, operating & monitoring and failure analysis have step by step helped to reach excellent performances in term of efficiency (close to standard PCP), lifetime (up to 4,5 years), high temperature (350°C), H2S, CO2, aromatics, light oil and gas handling. Some challenges remain to be overcome such as: Rod String capability to handle high torque when downhole viscosity increases, ability to handle higher sand content, challenges to design low flow rate and high head (below 150bpd and above 135 bar).

All-Metal PCP is combining advantages of conventional PCP together with an elimination of rubber limitations due to operations above 150°C and the possibility to steam through the stator avoiding heavy workover on a live thermal well. It opens new doors to the development of hard to reach fields of heavy oil with steam activation. All Metal PCP technology is becoming more mature and thus opens the door to larger scale thermal projects.

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