With the development of automatic production data collection and intelligent phone performance, mobile phone production management platform could be used to improve the management of artificial lift system substantially. In this paper, the development and application of mobile phone platform have been introduced, for the platform, internet of things and wireless transmission technology are applied to achieve instantaneous interaction between mobile phone and server, cloud computing technology is applied to develop distributed calculation module, solving the problems of multi-user complex calculation and batch processing. Based on the platform, four functional modules have been developed: first, mobile data collection module. Login operations, field figures, images and videos, and return timely, and perform real-time monitoring, and production command; Second, data view module, check and count the tendency of artificial lift equipment, operation parameters and test data; Third, data analysis module, analyze artificial lift system backstage of wells and blocks regularly; Fourth, plan design module, realize plan design of field parameter, balance and hot washing. The platform have been applied over 3000 well times in 4 field companies of CNPC, improving the management of artificial lift system, increasing the precision of parameter/balance by more than 10%, raising work efficiency by over 5 times, reducing labor power by more than two-thirds. The application prospect will be very extensive.

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