After 1859, sucker rod pump was invented commercially by C. E. Drake1 , it was used vast majority of wells throughout the world. Thus, it became an oil symbol which comes to mind first for people even who are not engaged in this industry. Although SRPs are installed in about 90% of oil wells in USA, half of wells, 110 are installed by SRP in Adiyaman. Oil and water production is 13,000–13,500 bbl/day and amount of oil is 3,000–3,500 bbl/day.

This study explained that effects of parameters, which are related to reservoir and design, to the mean time between failures (MTBF) of pumps. In this controlled test, MTBF is dependent variable and well parameters are independent variables such as pump diameter, water cut, pump depth, stroke per minute(SPM), salinity and flow rate. These independent variables are examined one by one and completely. All data are taken from 384 well operations in 77 wells and spanned 3.5 years. Index Terms – Sucker Rod Pumps, SRP, Run Life, MTBF, Design Parameters, Well Parameters

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