Completion techniques in the Middle Bakken formation have evolved over the years, with cemented Plug & Perf becoming the most common technique in recent years. It relies on stimulation of multiple clusters of perforations, normally 3-5, at one time. As previously demonstrated by multiple papers (SPE 173363, 144326, 167726, 174943) up to 40% of the perforation clusters remain un-stimulated. A novel engineered diversion workflow was implemented in 687 intervals of 20 Williston Basin wells. The purpose of this workflow is to increase cluster efficiency by stimulating the previously un-stimulated clusters. Results from each step down test and engineered workflow evaluation indicate increased cluster efficiency by up to 80%. Moreover, the success criteria for diversion pressure (1000 psi) was achieved on 81% of the intervals. Due to the success of these wells, this workflow has now become the standard diversion technique for one major operator in the Williston Basin.

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