Through this model, Ecopetrol seeks to understand how the territories of interest function, defining actions that make it possible to establish timely and effective liaison processes and integration, framed within the principles of Sustainable Development, generating relationships built upon legitimacy and trust.

In addition, the model seeks to built long-term regional visions on a collective basis to support the liaison process with stakeholders, identifying projects, managing alliances, strengthening the communities' capabilities; collaborating with the value chain's sustainability and contributing to the territories' sustainable development.

The model contemplates several tools to reach its objectives, which are developed in three processes: Reconnaissance, which carries out a comprehensive study of the company's territories of interest, contemplating the ecosystemic, economic, sociocultural and political dimension, delimiting and enabling a multidimensional interpretation through system dynamics; Integration, which forms part of the reconnaissance of territory and of plans that both the community and the company have visualized for the future. This vision is materialized by means of short, medium and long-term plans promoting the region's sustainable development through prospective exercises; Monitoring, which obtains a system to conduct a follow-up, by means of indicators, of the transformation of territory dynamics that could affect the company's activities, as well as the implemented strategies.

Through the application of this model in the southern part of the country, we are building alliances with regional organizations around our joint interest to achieve the sustainable development of the territory, which are articulated to long-term projects through territorial liaison processes based on social dialogue and the strengthening of the stakeholders' capabilities.

Modeling and simulating the dynamics in the territories where the organization's projects are carried out promote the understanding of the functionalities thereof through multidimensional and multiscale analyses, systemically focusing the management of the company's different departments on the different dimensions (ecosystemic, political, sociocultural and economic).

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