The objective of Sembrando Joropo is to create a Traditional Music School that will develop the artistic potentials of children and adolescents in the areas of influence of Equión Energía through training in music and dance in order to form a seedbed of instrumentalists, musicians, singers and dancers for the cultural future of Casanare, which will provide spaces for healthy coexistence and the construction of social fabric.

The program is carried out in schools, together with formal education, with the guidance and support of instructors, instruments, uniforms and a syllabus structured in six semesters. Children freely choose to learn how to sing, dance or play instruments of the Llanero tradition: the harp; the accompanying cuatro; the joyful maracas; and the Llanero mandolin.

Values such as devotion, discipline and perseverance are shared, and group work is carried out through the creation of groups, ensembles, choirs or dance groups, which plays a role in building tolerance, appreciation for the work of others and respect for their contributions. This is aimed at seeking excellence as a commitment of everyone involved.

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