Reducing environmental impact in oil and gas operations is one of the most important aspects for PEMEX Exploration and Production. The onshore oil field developments in Mexico are mainly located in environmentally protected areas, which has made that the aforementioned developments have delays, affecting the production programs. As a solution to this problematic, an informatic web portal has been created for the purpose of cover all the variables that affect the oil field developments, including government licenses, social claims, geographic reliefs and environmental protected areas. This system contains multiples geographical and subsurface layers where the protected areas can be delimited, allowing the correct positioning for drilling locations as well as areas to construct the separation facilities and paths for pipelines.

Additionally, the POI system include a traffic light monitoring system to evaluate the status of the process to obtain government licenses, location and facilities construction or pipe settings. These statuses are linked to the rig schedule in order to know the time window between the start drilling date and the end of the location construction, alerting to the board of directors that may exist some operative problems that has not been solved by that time and it is necessary their intervention.

The reservoir targets are a very important variable to consider in the POI process since constructing many locations for each well is almost impossible. Almost in every oil field development, several wells are drilled from one or two location directionally; however, the displacement distance is a constraint to bear in mind. Using the POI portal web is achievable to interact from the surface to the subsurface optimizing the location place and reducing the wells displacement.

Interacting with multiple layers gives a wide description of the variables that are involved in the onshore oil field developments; traffic light assessment alerting about the status of the project and integrating surface and subsurface variables in one system has allowed PEMEX E&P reduce time and costs moreover to accomplish with the evaluation programs. POI process is an essential requirement to every new onshore oil field development in PEMEX E&P.

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