The company has a system of oil extraction by pumping mechanical units, after removing it the fluid passes through the flow line that carry this to storage tanks where the oil is stored; remnants of the hydrocarbons can be converted to vapor with components such as methane, propane, butane and ethane all of them are burned in a tea before send to the atmosphere. The presence of these vapors also generates pressure changes in flow lines that carry the oil allowing fluid input caused by stroke, in order to make better use of resources and reduce gas spills and emissions generated atmosphere for the implementation of a system known as VRU or vapor recovery unit is proposed.

Recovery unit steam or VRU starts with a separate liquid from gas through a unit known as scrubber then the gas is mixed with oil glycol as lubrication and passed through a filter to remove the solids this mixture enters a compressor compressing the gas, the gas to be reused is cooled by a special fan unit and dispatched as required according to the required discharge pressure.

Currently the system is implemented for 22 platforms (cluster) of the company and in its testing phase has shown an increase in the utilization of gas going to generate 400-1000 MSCFD and since beginning the project has not been generated by annular spill locations related wells still being in continuous operation. The implementation of this system allows you to maximize the gas generated from the extraction of raw minimizing costs associated with buying gas, decreases the chance of leakage by pressure in lines and gives a great contribution in reducing the emission of gases atmosphere.

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