The World Health Organization, through its report, global status of road safety (2013) argues that worldwide about 1.24 million deaths from traffic accidents occur each year and 3,000 deaths are reached every day.

Colombia is no stranger to this problem; an example of this, is the sum of deaths and injuries from the period 2002-2012, a figure of nearly 62,000 Colombians killed and more than 443,000 injured in traffic accidents is obtained.

Mansarovar Energy in its contribution to the national road safety plan, brings together the various actors in traffic, and works under strategic pillars, always in favor of strengthening safety road culture and full compliance of national legislation.

Corporate Management: Strategic Road Safety Plan which includes the regulatory framework and behavior for staff and suppliers.

Human behavior: Education and training, campaigns, measures and control actions.

Vehicles: Regulation and evaluation of vehicles looking for a safe fleet.

New technologies: The use of new technologies (GPS vehicle control monitoring) had an impact on the decrease of road incidents at Mansarovar Energy, this technology is focused on monitoring driving habits.

Communities: They play a key role in developing road safety strategies, this work with community leaders comprises:

  1. Use of equipment owned by people in the region, alligned with safety standards.

  2. Linking all driving staff to road safety campaigns.

  3. Timely payment of traffic tickets.

  4. Safety Road campaigns with regional entities, Road Police and Ruta del Sol.

  5. Installation of new technologies inside the regional vehicles.

  6. Full compliance with national legislation.

  7. Safety based on HSE 24/7 behavior standards.

These actions showed an outcome, reflected in the decrease of incidents in the area of influence.

There was also a positive side effect on the community, as all the actions taken towards the implementation of control measures, vehicle mantainance and drivers certification, have finally generated economic activities around, contributing to the promotion of employment and economic growth in the region.

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