Oil and Gas offshore operations are challenging procedures not only due to its own nature but also due to the environmental conditions. Metocean conditions can really harm the operations and make what is already a tricky procedure to become a nightmare.

An intrinsic feature of this type of operation is the management of the regular and explicit interaction with the environment such as the vessel transit from the coastal base to the rig location; drilling effluent discharges at the sea; controlling the best window regarding metocean conditions to advance or postpone one or more procedures; amongst others.

Besides the regular interaction, operators must also deal and be planned to deal with possible incident conditions. Those situations vary from simple failures in any equipment up to events of man at sea and also the drastic situation of a pollutant spill at the sea.

In this scenario, SPILLTRACK was designed. The system is modular, integrating all metocean data, vessel traffic information (vessel tracking system), Search and Rescue procedures (SAR model built inside the system), regular discharges forecast and pollutant spill forecast.

All this information is put together in the same platform which also deals with the environment. It allows for instance, managing and helping all contingency procedures during a real incident and also in drill exercises.

GIS features are also available in the system mostly to manage the impact and help the contingency actions.

The access to the system is made by login and password and can be done at different regions at the same time, with no need for any type of hardware interference in the operators’ facilities. In other words, all the information is available together at the office, at the rig location and anywhere else the decision makers thinks is important.

SPILLTRACK has been used successfully in offshore operation since 2009. Particularly in high sensitive areas, the system is able to manage and control the contingency actions in order to avoid impacts in coastal and offshore sensitive areas.

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