From the beginning of TgP’s activities along 730 km of pipeline from the rainforest in Cuzco towards the coast, south of Lima, it committed to act with responsibility, as part of its environmental policy and social responsibility practices, ensuring the care and conservation of the environment in a sustainable development framework, showing that it is possible to undertake operations in megadiverse areas.

Programs and initiatives to protect Biodiversity were developed under IDB Operational Policies and IFC PS6 Biodiversity Conservation, such as the Biological Monitoring Program prior to the construction of the pipeline between 2000 and 2001. In 2007 TgP started as a sponsor of the Biodiversity Monitoring Program in the first 200 Km of the pipeline.

These studies allowed the company to implement special measures in its daily operation and maintenance activities in order to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on habitats that we share with native and rural communities along the area of influence. In the Coast it was developed the rescue and translocation of 52,053 and 2,747 tillandsias and columnar cacti, in the Sierra region the bio-restoration of 12.5 ha of highland wetlands by restoring a natural drainage pattern, seeding, organic manuring, and grazing control. In the rainforest during the construction of the facilities for TgP expansion projects an Ecological Management Plan was implemented by the identification of sensitive ecosystems, 100% forest inventory and relocation of sensitive species of flora.

Also, there have been new discoveries for science, recording two new species of reptiles group: Potamites montanicola and Euspondylus chasqui.

With the implementation of these efforts and initiatives, TgP not only met its initial goal of mitigating impact to Biodiversity but has brought benefits to the various stakeholders through:

  • Promotion of an information source platform for a little studied area.

  • Discovery of new species to science.

  • Development of procedures for protection of Biodiversity to be implemented during construction and operation of pipelines.

  • Promotion of a culture with values focused on the care and protection of Biodiversity in the energy industry.

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