The jungle of Cusco forms part of the ecosystem of the Amazon and is one of the áreas with greatest biodiversity in the planet. Therefore, one of the greatest challenges for Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TgP) was to develop -and afterwards, operate-such a complex project in harmony with the environment and without affecting the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area.

Conscious of this responsibility, TgP has decided to implement a set of measures to prevent, control, and mitigate the possible environmental impacts of its activities; while having the support and involvement of the communities. Thus, the Community Environmental Monitoring Program was born (PMAC-AU). PMAC-AU is an independent and original program -in its application within the hydrocarbon sector- with the goal to promote the effective participation of native communities and rural population of the area of direct influence of TgP’s Pipeline Transportation System in the social and environmental watch of the activities carried out by the company; and, at the same time, to strengthen bonds of trust and transparency between the company and the community.

By implementing participatory workshops, community monitors are trained by a specialized technical entity - other than TgP- in order to identify and act in a timely manner while facing possible environmental and social impacts; as well as to guarantee transparency in the activities carried out by the company. The monitors are chosen in a voluntary and independent fashion by their communities of origin. Additionally, each monitor disseminates the results of the monitoring in their respective communities, strengthening their leadership capacities, and turning them into agents of change within their communities.

The PMAC has worked in a continuous manner for more than 8 years, which shows the commitment of communities with the program. Likewise, by the end of 2011, 100% of the observations registered by the PMAC have been addressed by TgP, which reveals the commitment between company and community in order to mitigate and prevent any potential socioeconomic impact. In this fashion, TgP has managed to establish relationships of trust and cooperation with the native communities in the areas of influence.

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