The Pipeline Transportation System of Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TGP) crosses diverse areas of population density. The lack of awareness about the risk of their activities, the industry development and population growth, have led to significantly raise the number of activities carried out by third parties with potential risk of damage to pipeline integrity of TGP system. Moreover, there is no strict regulation by the authorities of these activities.

The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the management of third threat on TGP system. It seeks to mitigate risks and potential harm to people, the environment and the integrity of its facilities. Is worth mentioning that the energy mix of the country is changing to NG as new source (it only has 8 years). For the development of this management, TGP uses Preventive and Corrective methods:

  • Identification of third party

  • Communication program

  • Prevention and awareness workshops

  • Patrol Program

  • Survey of possible occurrence

  • Risk and issue action plan for possible occurrences

  • Using technology to detect possible occurrences

  • Using database in GIS

  • Review and continuous improvement process

Due to the nature of the threat, the control is not always predictive. However, third party management of TGP can effectively mitigate the risks associated with those activities. In addition, it is subject to continuous improvement on a regular basis so that the lessons learned are taken in order to safeguard the integrity of the people, the environment and company assets.

Managing risk mitigate the damages by third parties, which is the leading cause of pipeline failure worldwide, is developed by the establishment of preventive and corrective processes, (including working with GIS database). Management is subject to continuous improvement and is based on best industry practices.

Also, TGP management can be applied similarly to any system near urban development zones. This is important considering that the NG pipelines will be increase in Peru and this system will apply to all of them.

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