Liaohe Oilfield is the largest heavy-oil production base in China, and In-situ combustion with Gravity is one of the emerging new technologies applied in the thermal developed reservoir of Liaohe Oilfield, and this paper mainly introduce four important technologies researched for the development of In-situ combustion with Gravity, including and the ignition technology with the special introduction of the small-diameter removable igniter which could meet the needs of reutilized ignition, the separate air-injection technology with the function of igniting different layers, the horizontal production technology with the integrated tube and the temperature prediction model for horizontal production well, as well as the lifting technology with the high erosion-resistance performance.

In-situ Combustion with Gravity Pilot Test is being conducted in the Shu1-38-32 Block of Liaohe Oilfield, and the Pilot Test shows that all the technologies researched for the In-situ combustion with Gravity have reached the requirements designed in the scheme, especially the ignition temperature monitored in the air-injection well could reach the 527°C, which is the critical condition for the High-temperature Oxidation Combustion. The In-situ Combustion with Gravity shows a great potential to be a nonconventional EOR process, and the experience achieved by the pilot test of In-situ Combustion with Gravity in Liaohe Oilfield will definitely provide references for the development of heavy oil.

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