This paper shows the comparison obtained in the oil and gas production increase by cyclic gas injection produced at Provincia field and the cyclic solvent + gas injection (same field). According the composition of the production gas of Provincia Field (Table 1) used during the cyclic injection, is denominated as "rich gas", the molar fraction between C2 to C7+ is 31%.

The Provincia Field is a mature field that has since the late 80's the Gas Lift as artificial lift system and for our particular case, that resource compressed gas was taken at 1000 psig to cyclically inject gas production. Besides, the cyclic gas injection & cyclic solvent + gas injection technology was proved.

The cyclic rich gas injection of was put in practice in 9 wells of the field and the cyclic injection + gas was applied in the well Santos 94. For our specific case, the application of both technologies in the increase of productivity obtained in Santos 94 (API Gravity 20°) is going to compare. During the total cycle of injection & production of cyclic gas in Santos 94 an increase of oil production was obtained, 2134 Bls and 32,4 MMCF of gas. The oil and gas incremental production during the injection cycle of solvent + rich gas was 3232 Bls and 171 MMCF (32715 Equivalent Barrels).

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