Recently, a big heavy oil province has been discovered in a remote area of the Amazonian rainforest in Peru. These fields tested heavy oil production (< 12° API); commercial decision on developing this area will take into account results of drilling appraisal wells, evacuation of the heavy oil from the Peruvian jungle to the cost and environmental concerns in a high biodiversity region.

This study provides the necessary test design considerations to calculate, from a conventional pressure transient analysis, the timing for the start and the end of all the flow regimes happening in a partial penetration test; thus, some recommendations were drawn to reduce wellbore storage and ensure the hemispherical flow regime appears, as longer as possible during the test, to measure vertical permeability. A partial penetration test was carried out in an exploratory well supported by this methodology; anisotropy and productivity index was calculated. In addition, a comparison analysis was done to calculate dimensional productivity index and predict production performance for different well types by simulation, and precise decision-making process towards optimizing well trajectories for exploiting reservoirs to produce.

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