The present article describes the design and construction of a device able of establishing an electrostatic field parallel to a flux of a liquid into a pipe. The generator device bases its operation on a flat parallel plate configuration under a voltage. The model E=V/d used to describe the electrostatic behavior is validated in two different ways: the first one is a lab experience and the second one through a simulation run. In the lab experience are gotten (in an indirect way) the electrostatic field magnitude and the liquid's electrical permittivity. Through the simulation run and the experimental permittivity value, is estimated, besides the intensity, the geometrical disposition of the generated field. It's validated an operation rank for the electrostatic field intensity between 0 and 1 [kV/mm]. The recommended rank for distance between the plates is from 5 to 14 [mm]. For an oil pump with a caudal between 5 and 55 [l/min], the time exposure is between 10,71 and 329,1[ms].

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