The approach to the implementation of this model is supported by the integration of different disciplines as Geosciences (Geophysics, Geology, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Petrophysics and Geostatistics) and Reservoir Engineering; through the conformation of a multidisciplinary team with holistic vision and focusing on the Integrated Asset Management concepts in order to optimize the reservoir life cycle and its performance.

The objective of this study was to evaluate by numerical simulation different scenarios in the Lower U reservoir of the Napo formation in Culebra and Yulebra fields East Basin of Ecuador. With the purpose of increasing drainage and heavy oil reserves recovery; simulation runs include drilling of directional and horizontal wells.

As per heavy oil pressure maintenance and enhanced recovery; simulation includes water injection with different viscosity values (polymer simulation).

As a remarkable aspect of the dynamic model generation and its evaluation through the different sub - models as components; additionally the use of an advanced simulation tool that allowed scenarios optimization helping to achieve the higher oil recoveries values with the less number of wells to be drilled.

Results show the possibility of increasing the current oil recoverable reserves in 34 MMBLS by drilling 13 directional and 6 horizontal wells; besides with water injection (polymer solution) of 2 cps viscosity leads to increase the conventional scenario recovery over of 43 MM barrels of oil; it is due to the remarkable improvement in mobility ratio generating a greater sweep efficiency with an increase in oil production and a significant impact on the recovery factor (FR).

In fact the total implementation of the business plan result in this study increase more than 100%, 77 MM Oil Bls (140MM compare to the official reserves of 63 MM)

Also the methodology and techniques employed in this project can be used for any reservoir in the Ecuadorian basin even more too any heavy oil reservoir worldwide that have similar properties such us: thickness, depth and viscosity.

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