This article summarizes the efforts made by the Production Business Unit of Petroleos de Venezuela, PDVSA-Producción, in the area of Competencies, with the aim of optimizing its levels of excellency in a globalized market each time more competitive and presenting price scenarios that are scarcely favorable.

In this regard, the strategic orientation established by the corporation is defined, indicating, as a fundamental element, the creation of the Competency Development and Maintenance Management – DMC. DMC's mission is to guarantee highly skilled personnel with the critical competencies required for complying on time the objectives of the Business Plan. Its vision is that of positioning PDVSA Production as a leading company in the development and maintenance of its personnel's competencies, while integrating the process of competency development into the processes of the business.

Concrete actions were taken by DMC in the areas of Recruiting and Training personnel, highlighting the design of a Competency Measurement tool – SADINAP -, as a fundamental support for handling managerial information.

The second part of the article refers to Virtual Technology as an element that facilitates the design and implementation of a virtual system of distance education – VLS – whose pilot phase is currently being developed. There is also particular emphasis on the role played in this project by the Communities of Knowledge through specialists who are considered as critical factors of success.

Lastly are mentioned the aspects related to a Program of Sustainable Self-development. This Program translates DMC's actions – oriented towards propelling the behavior in the organization in terms of acceptance or rejection – into the implementation of new training technologies or modalities, aiming to take on time actions oriented towards definitively establishing a self-development culture in the organization.

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