The current demand for fossil fuels will promote the search for techniques to increase hydrocarbon production, so methods are needed to accelerate the development of this resource. The use of computer tools in the oil industry is indispensable today; we use increasingly powerful algorithms that perform extremely complex analyzes, which enable us to obtain solutions to previously affected problems pending in the industry. Most of the time the lack of parameters forces engineers to limit the study of a well, making restrictions and predictions not so accurate, especially regarding production; Based on this, the main objective is the development of a computational tool that allows to calculate the production potential of the wells drilled in the Huyapari field, which will use the python programming language, encoded from such a way to perform the calculations under the statistical methods of the analogous wells, the Joshi equation and nodal analysis. This tool is divided into two phases: the first is the calculation of the potential for pre-drilling and post-drilling of wells; the second phase is the adjustment of the potential that is carried out by means of the individual nodal analysis of each well taking into account the current reservoir pressure and the immersion limit of the pump.

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