There is a well-known theoretical chart that shows how compression, scales, liquid loading, corrosion, etc. appear as a gas field decreases production due to reservoir depletion. The approach of this paper is ambitious and will demonstrate and exemplify how these problems appeared in our gas field, and share the techniques, methods, and procedures we went through to satisfactorily handle them.

This paper shows the development of a gas field placed in the Golfo San Jorge Basin (Argentina) including the different life stages of the field (High/Medium/Low Pressure) with the related problems in Facilities, Flow Assurance, and Liquid Loading, and finalizes with an introduction to the future problems we are expecting.

Throughout the paper, we will show the changes we went through, lessons learned, and conclusions related to the following topics:

  • + Facilities → Slugging in flowlines/changes in suction pressure/new facilities

  • + Flow Assurance → Chemical usage for solving organic and inorganic scales. Need of migration from bullheading treatments to CT nitrogen assisted operations. Acid stick treatments.

  • + Liquid Loading → Foaming agents/Velocity Strings/Capillary Strings/Wellhead Compression

  • + Tendency of Scales Evolution in produced water.

  • + Evolution of tubing metallography

  • + New approaches in PLT interpretation

Not many papers cover in such an integral way the development of a conventional gas field with a large exploitation history as this work does, where the field dates from the 2000s.

This paper sets a reference and fills a gap in terms of an overall look at all problems together, and integrates the theory from the literature, information from field experiences, best practices, and the application of new technologies/methodologies. Challenges for future exploitation are presented as well. Reading this paper will help in understanding the complexity that those people involved in the management of a gas field will face as their reservoirs deplete and the production of the wells goes down.

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